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 Mission Statement 
The Riley Farm Rescue's mission is to rescue as many innocent farm animals as possible and provide them with the loving and nurturing homes that they deserve. Farm animals are utterly tortured and are viewed as a commodity rather than the friendly, caring creatures they truly are. Join our mission and help save our animal friends today!
Join our Patreon account and receive  exclusive  members only info!  Pateron helps us plan ahead so we know how many animals we can take in and care for!​ It also allows us to grow. We count on donations to care for everyone and this really helps us determine how many more we can rescue monthly.
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We have put together a small Amazon Wishlist which allows you to directly buy food and many other necessities it takes to keep these cute animals healthy and happy! If you are interested in buying these items, click the button below for a direct link to our Amazon Page!

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Every week an auction is held where all types of farm animals are auctioned off to be sold for slaughter. Our mission is to attend as many auctions as we can to rescue as many innocent animals as possible. This money will go for the auction fees, food, medication, and any other care that's needed to revive these animals back to health and provide them with a happy home for the remainder of their lives. Any small donation really helps! Click the button below for a direct link to our Go Fund Me Page!

​Do You Want to Help Feed our Rescues?
Gift Certificates to Tractor Supply are a great way to help feed the animals at The Riley Farm Rescue!  
E - Gift Cards can be sent to therileyfarmrescue@gmail.com