A voice for the voiceless 
     At The Riley Farm Rescue, our mission is to save any farm animals that will be sold to slaughter. We yearn to give farm animals who have no chance at a good life the lives they deserve. We started out as a small farm with just chickens, and our passion for farm animals became our lives. Our farm expanded with ducks, guinea hens, geese, goats, and now as of 5-29-17, a handsome Turkey named Murphy! We have turned our small farm into a farm animal's forever dream home. With constant food, water, care, and love our mission is to spoil our animals and continue adding to our family!
     We attend livestock auctions and rescue any farm animals that we can. "99% of the animals being auctioned today are going to be slaughtered today," said a common livestock auction goer. Our goal is to turn decrease that 99% as much as possible. That is where help from you comes in. Rescueing these animals costs a lot of money, and so does maintaining them. The animals that come from these auctions are in terrible conditions, and seek immediate medical attention and many antibiotics. Along with that, constant food is needed to keep these animals happy and healthy. On our home page, there are links to our Go Fund Me and our Amazon and Tractor Supply wishlists. Any small donation truly helps not only us, but these amazing animals.

​     Follow our social media pages (which are all linked on our home page) to keep up with our mission. We post daily and show you exactly where your donations are going to.
Founder Marla Riley with Patrick